Donate to research at the Section and the Institute

In some aspects, the research done at the Institute is unique in the world – combining conventional approaches with complementary approaches coming out of Goetheanism and Anthroposophy – and as such encounters unique challenges for funding.

Normally private European research institutions have a solid support base of around 50% from a supporting organization. The additional 50% needed is acquired through grants. In our situation, the Institute is supported by the Anthroposophic Society, however not to the extent of 50%. (Unfortunately, the chances for receiving funding through grants decreases when the support base falls significantly below 50%, because paradoxically, grants are much less likely to be awarded when the research is not partially funded by the research institution.)

If we want to preserve the scientific research at the Goetheanum we must find additional ways to fund our work and therefore ask for your help.

We are grateful for all support. Regular contributions are of course particularly helpful, however single donations are also very much appreciated.

IMPORTANT! Please designate on your check or wire transfer form: NWS 1100
(otherwise the funds will not be allocated to the Science Section)