Elemente der Naturwissenschaft

The journal "Elemente der Naturwissenschaft" (Elements of science) publishes articles based on a holistic research approach in all the natural sciences. It focuses especially on work with a basis in Goethean and/or anthroposophically extended science that contributes to the spiritual development of the sciences as sketched out by Rudolf Steiner. In addition to original research, it also publishes communications and reports from the Natural Science Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, as well as reviews of publications.

Most of the contributions are in German, but frequently there are some in English.


Editorial board:
Ruth Richter (Editor-in-chief), Johannes Kühl, Johannes Wirz and Mara Born


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Latest volume no. 109

Here you can retrieve the index of the latest volume no. 109 (german only).






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All summaries of the volumes 66-83

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