Research at the Institute

The following are brief descriptions of scientific research projects at the Institute addressing specific questions. Agricultural research projects are described on the research page of the Section for Agriculture. Please feel free to ask for more detailed information. Contact




recent projects:

Medicinal plants – biodynamic seed line maintenance and breeding

Rhythmic changes in shape of mistletoe berries connected with moon-zodiacal constellations

The anthroposophical rationale of medicinal plants and of plants used in cosmetics

Non-Mendelian inheritance

Understanding quantum physics

Emission and absorption phenomena – a supplementary project to "Understanding quantum physics"

Improving the health of bees by using plant extracts

The falling leaves project


completed projects:

Anagallis arvensis and the subsolar metals sodium and potassium

The effect of the astral in a plant experiment

Understanding medicinal plants


Qualitative investigations of transgenic plants using holistic methods

Genetic engineering ­– an ever-burning stove



Experiment COLOUR (Experiment FARBE) – an exhibition

Technology and sub-nature

Complementary spectra as self-determining partial phenomena in optics

The speed of light: the connection between time and space

Understanding mechanics

Chemistry: the nature of nitrogen


The bee project

The influence of planetary constellations on the morphology of head lettuce

Outer and inner experiences in studying landscapes

Butterfly habitat quality


Characterisation and control of parameters in sensitive crystallisation

Quality investigations of plant oils

Fundamentals of a qualitative evaluation of picture-forming methods

The influence of species-appropriate cattle breeding on constitution, animal health and milk quality

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